Wellbeing with Nutrition
Nurturing the Mind and Body

Cooked fruit is easier to digest than raw fruit and is recommended when digestion is weak


Juice of 1-2 oranges
1 firm pear
1-2 tsp vanilla extract
(Optional) unrefined sweetener to taste (jaggery, ghur, Rapadura)  
(Optional) 1 stick of cinnamon


  1. Place fresh orange juice into a pan & add the vanilla extract and cinnamon stick
  2. Peel pears and add to the orange juice mixture.
  3. Poach until pear is tender
  4. Remove pear from the cooking liquid and set aside in a suitable dish
  5. Add a little unrefined sweetener to taste to the cooking liquid.
  6. Simmer the orange cooking liquid until it has reduced down further. Strain and pour the orange syrup over the pear and chill
  7. Serve pear & orange syrup chilled with some melted carob bar drizzled over