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This fruity mousse can be whipped up in minutes and doesn't need time to set. It has a thick, creamy texture from the addition of fresh avocado. Great for breakfast or even as a snack.


1 ripe avocado  
1 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1 tbsp pre-soaked cashews (optional)
1–2 tsp carob powder  


  1. Chop up avocado and banana. Place in a blender or smoothie maker
  2. Add soaked cashews, blueberries and carob powder
  3. Blend until texture is smooth and mousse like
  4. Serve garneshed with some chopped cashews

If consistency is too thick then thin down with either water, a suitable fresh juice or some nut/seed milk


  • Any seasonal fresh fruits may be used. Strawberry, blackberries are great additions for the Summer
  • Soaked dried fruits may be added: dates, apricot, prunes, figs etc. Dates, apricots and figs are a good source of iron
  • Other pre-soaked nuts/seeds of your choice may be added, they are a source of essential fats, minerals and protein.
  • People with low body temperatures may benefit with the addition of warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper etc.
  • Super foods like bee pollen, algaes, sea vegetables, barley grass, turmeric etc may be added

 Adding Essential Fatty Acid Supplements To This Mousse

This mousse is a tasty way of taking essential fatty acid supplements (flax oil, algae oil or fish oil). Essential fatty acids require a range of cofactors to be utilised by the body. For example, avocado contains vitamin E which helps to protect essential fatty acid supplements from damage.

Adding a raw egg yolk to this mousse supplies valuable lecithin and sulphur-containing amino acids, which helps to make essential fatty acid supplements water soluble and available for absorption. Using raw egg for the 1st time? Start off with small amounts such as a teaspoon and build up.

Please note, if a raw egg yolk is used it must be fresh and from an organic source.