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Lymphatic massage is a form of gentle massage which stimulates the body’s lymphatic system. This technique helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins and improves overall functioning of the immune system.

How does it work?

The lymphatic system is responsible for helping fluid and waste to leave the body and for regulating the immune system. Factors like being inactive, consuming a challenging diet with insufficient water intake will cause congestion within the lymphatic system resulting in a build up of fluid, mucous and toxicity. When the lymphatic system becomes congested in this way the ideal internal environment for the growth of harmful micro-organisms is formed.

Stimulating the lymphatic system through massage helps to boost the immune system, clears blockages, eliminates toxins, transports nutrients to cells and increases the metabolism.

Unlike other forms of massage, lymphatic drainage utilises a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes.

How to do Lymphatic Massage

  1. Starting from the feet, gently stroke in one direction only upwards towards the top of the legs
  2. Using one hand, stroke each hand up to each shoulders 
  3. Stroke from buttocks up as far as you can go on the back
  4. Stroke from lower abdomen up to the heart 
  5. Stroke down from neck to shoulders and down to heart

 Work through the body again but replace stroking with a gentle squeezing/pumping action

  1. Starting from the feet, gently squeeze using both hands in one direction only up to the top of the legs
  2. Using one hand gently squeeze each hand up to each shoulders 
  3. Using both hands and using a pumping action, squeeze up from the buttocks to as far as you can go on the back
  4. Using both hands gently use a pumping action and squeeze from the lower abdomen up to the heart 
  5. Using one hand squeeze down the each side of the  neck to the shoulders and then down to the heart

Tips for lymphatic Massage:

  • Avoid sensitive areas like varicose veins and anywhere the skin is broken such as areas of skin rash, wounds or cuts
  • Avoid lymphatic massage if there is fever or infection
  • If you are constipated, avoid lymphatic massage until the colon has been given support as this technique will result in an extra mucous load for the colon to eliminate
  • Vegetable oil may be used if preferred to help the hands move over the skin without pulling.