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Epsom salt baths help to ease aches and pains and promote detoxification through the skin by drawing out acidity from the body. This technique focuses on the skin as a route of elimination. The skin is the largest organ of elimination and can be an invaluable route for toxicity especially if other detoxification organs are struggling.

What does it do?

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) has the effect of drawing toxicity, acidity (especially uric acid) towards itself. When you bathe in a strong solution of Epsom salts it draws out toxicity from within the body through the skin into the Epsom salt solution.

The heat from the bath water heats the body up and helps to open the cell membranes to release toxicity. The heat also helps to thin the lymph and stimulates an increased level of blood flow towards the skin.

When Should an Epsom Salt Bath Be Taken?

This technique is beneficial for anyone who is undertaking a detoxification programme or who has congestion within the elimination organs.

Epsom salt baths are also useful to soothe achy muscles and joints so this technique would be beneficial after heavy exertion or to help relieve painful conditions like arthritis.

If you have high blood pressure, have a heart condition or are pregnant avoid this technique altogether.

What Do I Need?

For an Epsom salt bath you need a normal household bath and 1kg of Epsom salts.

How to Apply the Epsom Salt Bath Technique

Tip 1 kg of Epsom salts into the bath

  1. Run the bath water which should be comfortable hot.
  2. Agitate the bathwater with the salts to maximise the dissolving process
  3. To avoid feeling ‘light headed’ wrap the head in a cool, damp towel
  4. Lie in the bath for up to 20 minutes or to your individual tolerance level.

After the bath you can do any one of the following:

  1. Pat dry and lie down to encourage further sweating and toxicity release through the skin
  2. Add cold water to the bath until water is cold to encourage heat production within the body
  3. Take a cool shower to bring temperature down and encourage heat production within the body

A detoxification routine incorporating Epsom salt baths may be: once a week for 3 weeks followed by a weeks break.

What are the effects?

After completion of this technique you may  feel a little weak and tired and need to rest. Therefore it is better to do this technique before going to bed. After a good night’s sleep most people then feel more clear and refreshed.