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This technique helps to reduce aches and pains in the treated area. Packing helps draw toxicity out of the body through the skin. The compress consists of a pack made from absorbent material like cotton flannel, which has been soaked in an alkaline fluid like bicarbonate of soda, Epsom salts or seaweed.The compress is then placed over the area of the body to be treated.

What does it do?

The compress helps to stimulate movement from the targeted area. Blood and lymph flow is stimulated and toxicity is drawn out through the skin towards the alkalising agent.

Adding heat stimulates the blood move to the surface of the skin and helps open up the skin pores.

It is beneficial to use an alkaline skin compress on an area which has been previously packed by castor oil. Castor oil packing stimulates circulation and movement helping the cells to release toxicity. An alkaline compress will then help to draw this toxicity out.

What Do I Need?

1-3 tablespoons of alkalising agent (bicarbonate of soda, Dead Sea Salt, sea salt, Epsom salt or seaweed)
250ml (1 cup) hot filtered water
Cotton flannel material large enough to cover area being treated

Instructions for Applying a Hot Alkaline Compress

  1. Make up the alkaline fluid by dissolving 1-3 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, sea salt or Epsom salt in 250ml of filtered hot water. If skin is sensitive start with a lower concentration. If using seaweed then bring to the boil 1-3 tablespoon of seaweed with 250ml of filtered water and then simmer for around 15 minutes. 
  2. Ensure that the alkalising fluid is warm but not too hot that it burns.
  3. Soak a suitably sized cotton cloth for the area to be treated in the alkalising fluid for a few seconds
  4. Remove cloth and squeeze out excess
  5. Apply soaked cloth to affected area
  6. Cover with a dry towel
  7. Additional heat may be added with a hot water bottle
  8. Leave compress on for 10-20 minutes  then wash with water and pat dry
  • Avoid using electrical heating, such as electric blankets, with a compress.These will interfere with the body's energy field.
  • Use only room temperature or cool compresses on the face.
  • If any irritation is felt, immediately wash area off with water.

What are the Effects?

The area being packed should have a reduced level of toxicity. Any aches and pains in the area being packed may be reduced.