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Why I Chose Natural Nutrition Therapy

Today I would like to share with you how I chose Natural Nutrition Therapy. Some of you may be thinking that all nutritionists practise nutritional therapy in the same way. Well the short answer to this is 'not really'. 

Nutritional therapy, like most complementary and alternative therapies, has many varied styles and viewpoints. Some schools of thought look at food from just a nutrient point of view and the body from a physical perspective only. Symptoms are corrected by prescribing diets which consist of specific nutrients and supplements which correct imbalances. Others schools of nutrition, incorporate emotional, mental and possibly spiritual aspects when trying to help resolve or support health issues. 

I personally believe that we are more than just the physical body and that we are influenced by a multitude of factors. As far as our wellbeing is concerned, food plays a significant role as does our genetic ancestry. This information should all be connected into the larger picture of who we are at any given point in time. Therefore whenever I am helping someone to improve health, I try to factor in as many significant milestones and life events which includes health and dietary intake from the point of birth to the current point in time. This sequential information forms their individual and unique health story. This process helps to make connections with symptoms and in understanding how ill-health has developed over time. 

If I look back at my health, past health issues have included disordered eating and an inability to balance my blood sugar. This led to many years of food cravings accompanied by weight issues during my teen years and adult life! I tried many diets and read many books, most of which just offered short-term solutions and didn't get to the root of my health issues. 

My personal health therefore spurred an interest in my wellbeing so I learnt about natural ways to reduce stress and improve my health further using reiki, massage, reflexology and aromatherapy as therapeutic tools. Even though these therapies valuable offered insights about health, I still felt I needed more knowledge and understanding so I searched on.  

Key events in my life such as the passing of my mother-in-law from cancer and my father from heart disease urged me to keep an open mind and look for alternative solutions as conventional healthcare did not seem to have solutions apart from controlling symptoms. 

Nutrition is very important to me. I come from a large South Asian family and we love to get together and share food, so I am passionate about preparing healthy meals. I also had this inner knowing that diet played a major part in every one's health so this is where I needed to start focussing my attention.

I attended open days for nutritional courses and I searched the internet looking for courses which were truly holistic. By this I mean viewing the body not just from a physical point of view but encompassing the idea that we are all essentially energy and part of an energetic universe! Eventually after some searching, I came across an audio lecture by Barbara Wren, a truly gifted natural healer and founder of Natural Nutrition Therapy.  

According to Barbara, 'if we cannot express who we really are then dis-ease sets in'. 

This caught my attention. So many issues in life have their roots in not being able to 'be', 'do', 'achieve' or 'have' one desires. 

Life is a journey where we should be growing and expanding from our experiences. When we are unable to develop and express ourselves in this way then this creates a sense of unfulfilled potential within us which in turn becomes a source of stress. 

We also need to be open and free to take in our experiences and be able to release those which no longer serve us. 

According to Barbara, when this freedom of movement and expression in our lives begins to slow down and stagnate, dis-ease occurs.

We can apply this idea to the body at every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

Examples of stagnation and a lack of freedom and movement in the body:
  1. When the passage of digesting food slows down and stagnates in the colon, constipation develops which imbalances the gut flora. Over time chronic constipation may trigger headaches or skin irritations as toxicity stemming from the colon is diverted to the skin and offloaded. 
  2. Anger is an emotion which when used positively helps to make changes. When anger is held within and internalised then it sets the scene for issues like depression to occur
  3. When we continue to hold negative thoughts then our sense of reality becomes distorted and patterns of irrational thinking develop.

Natural Nutrition therapy is also about maintaining harmony with the body and the natural cycles such as the day/night cycle (circadian rhythms), changes of seasons, lunar cycles and so on. If we are not living in harmony with our natural surroundings then this also triggers dis-ease. 

I hope that you understand that wellbeing is a lot more than just focussing on the diet alone! 

The philosophy and ideas of Natural Nutrition Therapy resonated with me strongly which is why I chose this form of nutrition and healing.

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