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I've been dealing with a toothache for the past 10 months, which was initially mild. It all began after a piece of a very old amalgam filling cracked and fell out. There were no symptoms for weeks but then gradually pain started to occur. My husband literally frog-marched me to the dentist to get it checked out. It didn't seem a big deal to me as I didn't feel much pain. However after examining the tooth my dentist discovered that there was a micro crack near the nerve. He recommended removing the amalgam and replacing it with white composite filling.  

After the filling there was some pain from the procedure but left me with a dull background pain. Sensitivity to hot and cold also appeared. Who knows perhaps the drilling procedure created some further micro cracks. However, over the weeks the sensitivity stayed and the pain which was initially felt within the refilled tooth spread down the side of my face and neck. I also started to get a sore throat and slight temperature. I knew that the nerve had become inflamed with the possibility of infection.

I remember my dentist suggesting a second treatment option of a root canal procedure with a crown. Now I'm personally not a fan of root canals simply because they remove the nerve/blood supply to the tooth. so when the tooth is filled and sealed you basically have a dead tooth. This creates  an anaerobic environment within the tooth where micro-organisms can proliferate and spread to other parts of the body. This is something to be aware of if there are existing health issues or if factors like diet, lifestyle and stress trigger acidity within the body. Acidity promotes inflammation and the growth of harmful micro-organisms.

I've therefore been using natural techniques to help rebuild and strengthen my teeth. Healing inflammation and reducing pain has also been a goal and I can tell you that I've had some bad days dealing with the pain but I can now really feel a breakthrough occurring. My tooth sensitivity to hot and cold has completely gone and the pain is reducing. Healing inflammation within the tooth does take some time so I am bearing with this as I can feel a difference.

To reduce the pain, I used freshly ground up cloves by placing the powder directly on the painful gums and letting the saliva in my mouth dissolve and release the natural pain killing component eugenol found within cloves. I can tell you that for my situation this was a lot more powerful than using whole cloves or clove oil. Within seconds I could feel the pain reducing and a numbing affect occurring in my gums.


This really helped me deal with my pain, which in turn encouraged me to continue with my other tooth healing/strengthening strategies which I will share with you in my next blog. However always get tooth issues checked out by a dentist before they become unbearable. Ultimately the decision is yours on how to treat but it makes sense to be as informed as possible.

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