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I'm a great believer in using natural therapies holistically to promote healing. In my experience, muscle and/or nerve-related aches and pains respond well when holistically supported with nutrition and some form of massage and energy- based medicine. The healing process is supported and symptoms like pain and inflammation diminish over time. Time is always an important factor to consider as it takes time for the body to address an imbalance and heal.

A couple of months ago my brother injured his back and leg. For the first month he was in constant pain and over the counter pain killers were not making much difference. He then tried a few osteopathic treatments but didn't notice any real reduction in pain. He was then considering acupuncture as the next form of treatment. At this stage, I suggested that using osteopathy and acupuncture in this way was more allopathic with the aim of just switching off symptoms.  Instead, a more holistic approach was required, which supported the body with the healing process

The first thing we looked at was diet. If diet is dehydrating, low in nutrients and hard to digest/eliminate then existing inflammation and pain will be slow to heal and will be more likely to be aggravated further.

My brother's diet need some changes to support the healing process. Acidic, dehydrating and inflammatory foods like sugar, processed foods, damaged fats etc were taken out and replaced with lots of fresh green vegetables, leafy greens and turmeric a natural anti-inflammatory.
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Along with the dietary changes some gentle yoga was recommended and a weekly reflexology treatment to gently stimulate the reflexes of the feet and promote healing. Reflexology stimulates the body at the physical level but also promotes movement within the energetic pathways of the body.

He also included a twice daily massage using my mother's special mix of castor oil combined with dried ginger powder and lavender essential oil. My mother has been using this blend for a few years now to relieve tension in her neck, legs and back. In past blogs I have raved about castor oil as a potent anti-inflammatory, which supports healing when it is massaged into the skin. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory plus it promotes circulatory and lymphatic flow, which in turn supports the body with the healing process.  

When a mixture of castor oil with dried ginger powder is massaged into the skin, it stimulates movement of body fluids like blood and lymph and it has a warming influence. All these positive benefits support the healing process.

After a few days using a more holistic approach, my brother noticed a positive improvement and reduction in pain. This change helped him to continue with this routine with each day becoming easier to get through due to a reduction in pain. Within a month, the pain had all gone and mobility was back to normal.

Supporting the body to heal using treatments holistically stimulates the body to rebalance and heal. In my opinion this is how we need to approach issues with health and wellbeing.

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