Wellbeing with Nutrition
Nurturing the Mind and Body

We've all experienced colds and the flu but there are those lucky few who don't  become ill even when everyone else around them does. These individuals seem to have a better immune system, stronger constitution and would probably not become ill even after eating food that has gone off.

What's the secret to this natural immunity?

Most people are familiar with Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) and his germ theory. Basically a harmful organism invades the body and causes illness. Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908), a gifted French chemist/biologist, opposed Pasteur's germ theory. He discovered that the most important factor influencing health was the soil (environmental conditions) within the body. If this soil/environment was balanced then harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, virus and fungi could not take hold and flourish.  

Unfortunately Béchamp views were not accepted by the medical/scientific community. Instead, Pasteur's idea that illness is caused by germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi etc) invading the body became the commonly accepted idea in modern medicine. This led to a war on micro-organisms and the development of techniques like surgery, drugs (antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, etc), vaccines and even gene manipulation to switch off disease.  Obviously there was profit and money to be made from moving forward with Pasteur's ideas.

Béchamp on the other hand, believed that the best way to prevent infections/illness was by changing the environment within the body so that cellular changes are not triggered and harmful micro-organisms would find it difficult/impossible to grow.  

For example, the genes for cancer only get switched on when the environment within the cells reaches a critical point (low oxygen, high acidity). These cells then adapt and change becoming cancerous to survive in this hostile environment.

What kind of factors influence the body's environment in this way?

Dehydration within the cells triggered and exasperated by any form of stress ( physical, mental, emotional, environmental etc) is often at the root of imbalance.

Low water levels within body tissues impairs the correct movement of body fluids like blood and lymph. This situation eventually results in body fluids thickening and slowing down resulting in stagnation, which in turn leads to increasing levels of toxicity, acidity and inflammation building within affected body tissues.

The body in its wisdom tries to prevent damage control increases cholesterol production. Cholesterol coats the cell walls, protecting them from inflammation and further water loss. This short-term measure if left unchecked leads to the cells becoming more acidic as toxicity accumulates.

To neutralise increasing levels of acidity, alkalising electrolytes like sodium, and calcium plus oxygen for normal respiration will be diverted from their normal functions and used. If this situation continues then the environment within the affected cells changes becoming darker, colder and more acidic. It is this change which imbalances the body's soil/environment, triggers cellular changes and the growth of harmful micro-organisms. This is the type of environment these organisms prefer to live in.

How can we maintain the health of the body's environment?

Poor oxygen levels, low water, low temperature and acidity all change the internal environment. Cellular changes and the growth of harmful micro-organisms are triggered.

An imbalanced diet, particularly one low in nutrients/water but high in processed foods, sugars, refined grains and damaged fats/oils compunds this situation making the environment more toxic and hostile for beneficial bacteria.

The mind and emotions are also important factors influencing the internal environment. Many ancient cultures have long known that negative thoughts and emotions hinder healing and suppress immunity. This is primarily why they developed daily practises like prayer, meditation and movement like yoga and tai chi. These disciplines help the emotions and mind to stay positive and reduces the stagnation of thoughts and feelings, which if held long enough within the body also contribute to dis-ease.

It's not about fighting a war using bullets of drugs, vaccines and surgery which eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi as we will inevitable lose. Mother Nature has the amazing ability to adapt and survive in even when the environment  becomes harsh. Restoring the balance to the body's internal environment and building a healthy gut flora lay the foundations for health and prevent illness.

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