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There are a lot of people out there dealing with recurrent bacterial infections. If these infections are left untreated they can cause some serious damage to the body.

The main allopathic treatment option for bacterial infections is to follow a course of antibiotics.  However excessive use of antibiotics has resulted in resistance and the evolution of super bugs. This has lead to a situation where some infections are not healing and are coming back! This situation has pushed the search for alternative treatments like the use of manuka honey and maggot therapy, which are actually natural treatments for treating infected wounds. Manuka honey is a natural antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties. and in maggot therapy, sterile maggots are applied to the wound site where they only consume dead or infected tissue. This cleans the wound and supports healing.

Nature-based techniques for dealing with infections may include the application of antibacterial essential oils like tea tree and lavender or herbal treatments like neem oil, turmeric and castor oil. Other traditional antibacterial agents include colloidal silver, iodineand even the application of aged urine!. Energetic healing techniques like reiki have also been used to help clear infections.

As you can see there are a range of options available but in my opinion there are some vital dietary changes which need to be included to support nature-based or allopathic treatments.

Cut out Sugar

This is the most important recommendation of all!

I think that when you're prescribed antibiotics that 'AVOID SUGAR IN ALL FORMS' should also be included on the packet.

Cut sugar completely out from the diet. This includes table sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, syrups, processed honey, maple syrup and foods containing sugar like sweets, cakes, biscuits, ice-cream, fizzy drinks, fruit cordials, commericial fruit juices/smoothies etc. Check food lables.

Refined flour and foods made from refined grains like bread, pasta, processed, white rice, breakfast cereal should also be eliminated as they quickly digest and release glucose into the blood.

The glucose released from sugar/refined foods feeds bacteria, slows down healing and lowers the pH of the body tissues making them acidic and prone to inflammation.

Drink Vegetable Juices

Drink 2 glasses of vegetable juice each day. Freshly made vegetable juices particularly those made from fresh green leafy vegetables will help to alkalise the body and provide vital minerals to support healing. 

Keep Hydrated

Drink around 2 litres of room temperature filtered water each day and make sure you spread water intake evenly throughout the day. This will help to help flush out toxins released by bacteria.
Water 05

Introduce Beneficial Bacteria back into the body

Antibiotics kill all bacteria beneficial/harmful. Therefore it makes sense to replenish the digestive system with gut-friendly bacteria. If this isn't done then there is an increased risk of other harmful micro-organisms within the gut like fungus proliferating and taking hold.  Examples of foods containing beneficial bacteria are pro-biotic yoghurts, rejuvelac, kefir, kombucha, unpasteurised fermented vegetable pickles, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar, raw honey etc. They need to be unpasteurised otherwise the beneficial bacteria and enzymes they contain will be destroyed.

The most important one of all to remember is to cut sugar. These dietary changes will speed healing and increase the probability of a successful treatment outcome. 

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