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My brother Aziz, a talented musician with a big heart has just turned 50. He celebrated his birthday doing what he loves best by playing music, for his family and friends at the Roadhouse in Manchester. You can read all about it here.

There was a huge response, lots of live music and Aziz raised money for his chosen charity CDRS - a disaster response organisation based in Pakistan. Well done Aziz!

A great night but when we left my hubby's ears were ringing whereas mine were throbbing and hurting from the loud music.

The next day my husband texted me from work, 'ears are still ringing'.

It had almost been 24 hours since we left the party and his ears were still ringing. Something needed to be done as my ears where hurting as well. I immediately thought about using castor oil.

Castor oil is anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood flow and promotes healing. However, I've never tried castor oil for treating ringing ears or sore inflamed ears. In the evening, I self- administered a couple of drops of castor oil into each ear and rubbed castor oil behind each ear and over my ear lobes. My husband didn't want to put oil in his ears, so he dipped some cotton wool into castor oil and gently placed it into each ear. I added some heat to the side of my head with my wheat bag as well.

We both went to bed early, I was knocked out and slept through the night. The next day I felt no pain in my ears and was wondering how my hubby got on?

I got a text early in the morning 'ringing has stopped'. I guess we both had some mild damage to our ears from the loud music but castor oil came through beautifully.

I'm blessed with such a gifted brother but I will consider wearing some ear plugs for the next gig.

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