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Redbush Tea (Rooibos)

A couple of years ago, I discovered Redbush tea in a quaint little tea shop in Manchester, Didsbury.  I fell in love with the flavour and have been drinking it ever since. Redbush has the look and feel of tea but with none of the bitterness. It originates from South Africa and I was pleasantly surprised with the impressive array of anti-oxidants found in this tea. Redbush has been used therapeutically by South African mums to ease colic and when applied to the skin it helps to reduces irritation. This tea is now readily available in supermarkets and is becoming more popular as a beverage.Redbush should also be promoted as a natural remedy for relieving babies colic or for easing nappy rash. I am seeing many cases of infant-related skin irritations primarily linked to digestive issues and inappropriate weaning, which could be helped by Redbush!

In South Africa, Redbush is clinically prescribed for its skin healing properties. According to Professor Eugene Weinberg, Head of the Allergy and Asthma Clinic (Red Cross War Memorial Hospital, Cape Town), Redbush Tea is often used as a beverage for those infants who are allergic to cows milk and soya bean formulas. Redbush Tea is also added to baths for infants and children with allergic skin conditions. These infants and children find this bath very soothing, non-irritating and drying to the skin. In Professor Weinberg clinical experience, he has not encountered any adverse reaction to occuring in infants and children from Redbush baths or as a result of drinking redbush tea as a beverage!

Baby Redbush Tea Bath

  1. Fill a teapot with 5-6 Redbush teabags (or 5-6 tsp loose Redbush tea).   
  2. Pour on hot water and leave to brew for an hour.
  3. Run bath for baby and pour in the brewed Redbush tea (squeeze tea bags or strain out if using loose tea leaves)
  4. Check the bath temperature is suitable for baby
  5. Bathe baby, do not use soap. Allow skin to soak for around 10-15 minutes then pat dry. 

This bath may be repeated daily if there for nappy rash or other skin irritation.

Use Redbush tea to wash irritated areas including the nappy area. 

For using Redbush to ease colic see Annique Baby Rooibos Tea


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