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Epsom Salt Baths - Boosting Circulation

I was thinking about how good a relaxing warm bath feels. Winter time in Manchester UK is usually cold with a damp feel to the air.

At this time of the year, hands and feet often feel colder than usual. Circulation gets affected as the body channels heat away from the extremities to the main organs.

During the winter months, most of us become more sedentary. We all seem to do a lot more sitting! The knock on effect of reduced movement within the body is that cleansing from lymphatic flow in particular slows down. This increases the likelihood of aches, stiffness and aggravates any existing joint/arthritic conditions.

Give your circulation and lymphatic system a boost with a warm Epsom salt bath.

Run a nice warm bath, pour in 1-2 cups of Epsom salts and relax for around 20 minutes. I recommend you get a nice cool drink of water and a small damp towel to keep your head cool on standby as Epsom salts encourages sweating (especially if the bath water is hot). This type of bath may be taken 2-3 times a week.

If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure then avoid this type of bath.

I usually buy Epsom salts in large quantities from EBay but it can also be purchased from garden centres.

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) are traditionally used in baths to relax sore muscles and to help draw toxicity out through the skin. The skin allows the body to absorb magnesium and sulphate. Magnesium has many important functions within the body such as relaxing nerves and muscles whilst sulphate supports detoxification. 

For using Epsom salts to detoxify see Epsom Salt Baths


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