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I developed this recipe for my hubby who loves ice cream. Regular ice-cream is full of preservatives, additives and sugar. Milk can be hard to digest so my version is dairy-free, made without milk, cream, sugar or eggs. It's soft-style though so it needs to be eaten staight away but that's not a problem in my house.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

2 cups of strawberries
2 bananas
200g creamed coconut
1 tbsp date syrup, raw honey or maple syrup (optional)


  1. I chopped fresh strawberries and banana in to small pieces ready to be frozen
  2. The creamed coconut usually has 2 layers. A large coconut layer and a smaller coconut fat layer. I reserved the coconut fat and chopped up the coconut layer into small pieces.
  3. I added around 1/2 a cup of boiling water to the chopped coconut and blended until I had a thick cream.
    I stored the cream in the fridge until it was cold and I was ready to use it
  4. When the fruit had frozen, I placed the frozen fruit, half of the cold coconut cream and 1 tbsp of reserved coconut fat in my food processor
  5. Starting on a slow speed, I blended then increased speed until the texture became like ice cream.
  6. After a quick taste, I added a little date syrup.
    You only need to do this if the fruit isn't sweet enough. Other suitable sweeteners could be raw honey, maple syrup or stevia.
  7. Scoop out and serve in some nice glass dishes.

Eat immediately. Mine melted a bit by the time I took a picture but it tasted good.

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