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Fresh fruit with yoghurt and date syrup is such a quick and easy breakfast to prepare. Fruit may be fresh, dried or a combination of the two. 

I used fresh apple and blueberries, some dried banana and raisins. I also added a few cashews for some crunch. Use a good quality natural organic bio-yoghurt for a source of gut-friendly bacteria.  Around 4 tablespoons should be ok.



I chopped the fruit into a plate and sprinkled on the fresh blueberries, dried banana chips, raisins and cashews. YogurtFruit2
Then I swirled some yoghurt on top of the fruit. YogurtFruit3

Next I poured around 1 teaspoon of date syrup over the yoghurt.

I use date syrup a lot to sweeten. This syrup has gone through a minimum level of processing and is rich in minerals like iron and magnesium.

Voila, quick, easy and very tasty.


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