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The Importance of Breakfast

This week I'm focussing on breakfast and ideas for breakfast. 

Breakfast is an important meal to kick start blood sugar and set body energy up for the day. I have noticed many people who don't feel like eating in the morning. Their usual pattern is to take a stimulant like an energy drink, tea, coffee, a bag of salty crisps or chocolate bar only to have blood sugar drop well before lunch time requiring another stimulant.

Why some People can't stomach having breakfast?

Possible reasons for this could be:

  1. The body particularly the liver is over-burdened so the urge to eat is inhibited to prevent further overload. Nausea is often a sign the liver has become overloaded.
  2. There is constipation which means that the colon hasn't cleared yet! Therefore, the natural urge to eat is diminished.
  3. Imbalanced electrolytes and dehydration also affect the urge to eat.
  4. Pregnancy has its roots in the same issues: imbalanced blood sugar, electrolytes and dehydration often stemming from hormonal changes creates nausea in the form of 'morining sickness' which diminishes the urge to eat.

How To Resolve Missing Breakfast

If this is you then the best thing to do is to drink a glass of room temperature water first thing in the morning and wait 15-30 minutes before trying to eat.

Tip: Have a glass of water first thing in the morning to rehydrate

After 15-30 minutes of drinking water, if you still don't feel like eating breakfast then focus on getting your blood sugar, electrolytes and water levels balanced. This will help to lower the urge to have a stimulant like coffee, tea, an energy drink, cigarette etc to raise blood sugar and reduce the feeling of low energy.

Try having a small glass of either:

  1. Green juice made from soft green leaves like spinach combined with celery and an apple
  2. Homemade bone broth or vegetable broth. Flavour this with seasonings like a little unprocessed salt, kelp, ginger or lemon juice etc
icon-light-bulbTip: If you melt 1/4 teaspoon of either clarified butter or coconut oil and mix it into green juice or homemade broth it will help the body to absorb minerals and stabilise blood sugar.

If you can face something a little heavier than a juice but don't want to eat a meal then try a small glass of either:

  1. Green Smoothie made by blending soft green leaves like spinach, and a soft fruit like blueberries with some homemade oat, coconut or almond milk
  2. Fresh Fruit Smoothie made by blending a soft fruit like berries, banana with homemade oat, coconut or almond milk
  3. Dried Fruit Smoothie made by blending dried fruits like dates or apricots which have been soaked in water overnight with homemade oat, coconut or almond milk. This is great for relieving constipation as well!

Timing of breakfast is important as well. To avoid blood sugar slumps in the day you need to be having something to eat earlier in the morning. In traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach is at peak processing power between the hours of 7-9am so this is the ideal time for breakfast.


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