Wellbeing with Nutrition
Nurturing the Mind and Body

The nutritional consultation identifies foods which adversely affect your health and foods which promote healing within the body. The cooking support workshop has been designed to follow the nutritional consultation and aims to help with cooking and preparing nutritious foods, which are in line with your specific dietary guidelines.

Each workshop is tailored to your needs and provides practical cooking support with preparing suggested meals. The workshop also aims to help you to integrate any dietary suggestions in a more structured way.

Each cooking workshop runs at a time suited to you and will cover foods & drinks you require support with such as: snacks, drinks, breakfast, lunches, main meals and desserts.

Cost: £40.00 per workshop

To book a cooking support workshop see contact me

Common Dietary Issues:

Depending on your state of health, certain foods will negatively impact wellbeing and over time contribute towards imbalanced health. Common issues include:

  • poor intake of fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods
  • low water intake
  • cooking with fats which are damaged/unstable
  • processed foods
  • dairy sensitivity
  • gluten sensitivity
  • incorrectly prepared whole grains
  • sugar and/or artificial sweeteners
  • salt, additives and preservatives
  • stimulants like caffeine, alcohol & nicotine