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Symptoms are not random unpleasant body sensations. They are a form of communication that something is wrong within the body. Symptoms may be experienced as physical warning signs such as aches and pains or mental and emotional experiences such as anger, anxiety and depression. Symptoms are therefore a sophisticated alert system conveying that there is disharmony within the body that needs to be resolved.

It therefore makes logical sense to try to correct the root cause of the symptom rather than switching it off.

If we liken the symptom to an alarm bell in a burning house, cutting the alarm only switches off the alert system but does nothing to address the burning fire!

What happens when the root cause of a symptom is not addressed?

If a symptom has been switched off without addressing the root cause then the body will be forced to create another symptom as an alarm that something is still wrong.  Consequently, this new symptom is often manifested at a deeper level in the body.  

For example, switching off diarrhoea may seem sensible, however the root cause may have been due to something consumed which irritated the digestive system and needs to be eliminated quickly. If the elimination route via the colon has been stopped then the body may respond with additional symptoms of headaches, increased sweating, possibly a fever or skin irritation as a further attempt of eliminating the initial imbalance within the gut.

What is important to understand in the example is that the original symptom was suppressed and had created a new set of symptoms within the body. If these symptoms are then switched off, then this will again lead to the body manifesting a deeper level of distress.

The Progression of Symptoms

If symptoms are moving into the more vital organs and structures within the body like the kidneys, liver, heart and brain, then this is an indication that the disharmony is deepening. As a result more aggressive forms of symptoms will be manifesting as an attempt to alert the body to the deepening state of imbalance. This is a warning that something needs to be done to re-correct this situation otherwise there will be serious implications for health and wellbeing.

How Does The Body Deal With Symptoms?

The body is intelligent and will always seek to limit damage caused by any factors which impair body functioning. The vital structures like the heart, blood and brain must always be given a higher priority than the lesser structures like the hair, bones, skin etc. Therefore, symptoms always initially appear in the lesser body structures before progressing into the more vital parts of the body.   

In an attempt to resolve imbalances within the body, the elimination routes will be involved.  If these routes are impaired then the body resorts to storing any substances it cannot deal with until elimination is possible.  For example excess acidity within the blood from an imbalanced diet, may be neutralised using alkalising elements from the joints. Some of the acidity may be stored within the joints, over time this situation will weaken the joints creating arthritic-like symptoms. To resolve this issue, it is important to look at what has caused the excess acidity in the first place rather than switching off any symptoms felt in the joints.

The root cause of the symptom always has to be addressed, which in turn leads to the symptom fixing itself!!!