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Effective elimination from the body is a key factor influencing health and wellbeing. Sometimes the body can become overwhelmed resulting in a buildup of internalised wastes. All cells produce waste products during the normal cellular functions of respiration, digestion, excretion etc. Detoxification and elimination are therefore key processes in which all body cells release unwanted & harmful materials.

In a healthy body the cells will be efficiently releasing any toxic materials and waste products. However in an imbalanced body this process will be impaired resulting in a build up of toxicity and waste materials. Therefore any imbalance during cellular detoxification will eventually become a contributory factor to imbalanced cellular functioning and health.

Pathway for Toxin Elimination

This diagram highlights the main routes of elimination of cellular toxins and wastes. It also illustrates the pathway of movement of toxicity from the cells through the body as it is eliminated.

Pathway to toxin elimination

Detoxification Role of the Liver

The liver is the main organ of detoxification, which can become overloaded when there are too many toxins for it to process at a given time. Excess toxicity from the liver will also be offloaded into the bile, which is a fluid the liver produces to aid fat digestion. As bile is reabsorbed & reused by the body, a situation may occur where the bile becomes overloaded with toxicity, resulting in its consistency and pH becoming abnormal, which in turn will negatively affect the digestive functions of bile.

The elimination pathway has the major role of processing and removing toxins and waste products out of the body. If this pathway becomes blocked or overloaded at any point it will result in imbalanced health.